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        1. Successful Holding of Foton Lovol 2011 Euro-African Regional Business Meeting

          On June 23rd–24th, Foton Lovol 2011 Euro-African Regional Business Meeting has been grandly held in Istanbul, Turkey. More than 100 dealer representatives from Europe, CIS, the Middle East and North Africa have been invited; Minister of Commercial and Trade Ministry of Gebze of Turkey attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Major leaders of Foton Lovol also participated in the meeting.

          With the theme of Communication, Listening, Consensus and Win-Win, the meeting consists of a number of events, such as theme meeting, product knowledge training, meeting with leaders, business negotiations, product trials, visit to Turkey dealers'factory and etc. Through the theme meeting, the overall and regional market strategies of Foton Lovol's overseas business especially in Europe, CIS, Middle East and North African have been highlighted. Based upon the demands of customers in Europe, CIS, Middle East and North Africa regions, Foton Lovol is fully dedicated to creating competitive local products, making Foton Lovol the most influential middle-end products brand in the Euro-African regional market.

          On the meeting, Foton Lovol leaders held negotiations respectively with the key dealers on the issues such as business operation, product improvement, service and parts. Meanwhile, they were also briefed in terms of the financial services of the competitive brands, local financial products and distributors’demands for Foton Lovol's financial services.

          During the meeting, managers of agricultural equipment and construction machinery businesses have introduced the operating strategy of various businesses in the Euro-African market respectively and put forward a number of innovative measures in services and accessories In addition, they also sent the information concerning financial services to dealers for the first time. Moreover, excellent dealer representatives from Turkey, Sweden, Morocco and Russia were also invited to make a speech so as to sharing with others their experience and practices in the market operation.

          Other activities, such as test driving, reception dinners and sightseeing were also organized during the meeting, which have enriched the meeting. It also played the role of platform for communication between Foton Lovol and dealer, as well as between dealers. A number of innovations in terms of meeting arrangement, contents and organization highly commended by participating dealers.


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